The Kunstplatz. The history begins in 1908 with the construction of the artists’ residences – the first building in the place of living and work of Cuno and Anna Amiet. Since then, this location has been shaped and characterised by art in all its forms.

In the words of the master Cuno Amiet:



 “To me, it seems that everything that depicts something as a whole represents art, whether it is painting, modelling, making music or giving shape in any other way. But it is a whole that is composed of parts that are already a whole in themselves. The putty that bonds these parts together, mysteriously and magically – that is the art.”


Cuno Amiet 

In the spirit of Cuno Amiet, the Kunstplatz offers a space for many art forms as well as multi-layered dialogue and moments of joy. Whether it’s painting, sculpture, architecture, automobile art, clock art, music art, literary art, theatre art, dance art, film art, photography art, handicrafts, light art, garden art, cooking, wine and even cigar art, there are virtually no limits in the scope of artistic activity.

Kunstplatz. A space for art.