Amiet Kunstplatz Oschwand

This unique, historical, contemporary and innovative Gesamtkunstwerk comprises a studio, house, garden and the art one of the most important and versatile Swiss painters, Cuno Amiet.

Amiet: At the Kunstplatz, you can explore and experience the art and life of Cuno Amiet in a personal and authentic way. Discover his life story first hand!

Kunstplatz: A unique space for art and retreat and a meeting place for tailor-made experiences. Write your own story together with us!

Oschwand: An idyllic hamlet, a place of inspiration and the centre of Cuno Amiet’s life for 63 years. Today, it is the home of Amiet Kunstplatz Oschwand. Enjoy moments of relaxation surrounded by nature.

Kunstplatz. A space for art!