You can find out why Cuno Amiet was ahead of his time and much more in the course of a visit to his original studio, the heart of Amiet Kunstplatz Oschwand. 


Today, it remains close to its original condition with a historical patina and original works, as it was when Cuno Amiet lived and worked there. An interactive multimedia exhibition reflects the spirit of the time and immerses visitors in the life and work of Cuno Amiet. The exhibits, most of which are being shown for the first time, document the diversity and different periods of his artistic work as well as his life in the form of photographs, written documents and personal items.

Experience Cuno Amiet at his place of inspiration

Across three and a half hours, you can experience Cuno Amiet in the place where the artist drew his inspiration and created his works. Feel the spirit of the place, immerse yourself in its history and gain deep and personal insights into Amiet's life. The journey takes you through several stages:

Shed cinema

Inside his studio shed, learn interesting facts from Amiet's biography and his relationship with the hamlet of Oschwand in the film “Cuno Amiet and the Oschwand”. 


The farmstead and historical garden where numerous works by Cuno Amiet came into being is underscored by stories about Amiet’s relationship to landscape and nature. 

Schopf atelier

Cuno Amiet's first studio in Oschwand gives an idea of the rudimentary and simple nature of his place of work. Even so, it is where masterpieces such as “Richesse du soir” came into being.



Master studio

Experiences of the atelier begin with the audiovisual room animation “The Master and his Atelier”. Visitors can also explore five themed multimedia areas at their leisure. Make exciting discoveries in the interactive "Mirror of Time" and experience unique moments on the “High-tech Drawing Board” – a unique feature that was specially designed for the Amiet atelier. Here, Cuno Amiet's works come to life in your hands!