In Amiet's time, Oschwand was an international meeting place for friends, artists, collectors and patrons from literature, music and art, as well as personalities from business and politics: Giovanni and Alberto Giacometti, Ferdinand Hodler, Hermann Hesse, Alexej von Jawlensky, Paul Klee, Ernst Kreidolf, Carl Spitteler, Marianne von Werefkin and many others. 


Today, the Amiet Kunstplatz Oschwand is a unique retreat and place of encounter with major art-historical significance. The original atelier of Cuno Amiet is a magnet for all those that are interested in art and culture. 


The authentic surroundings inspire innovative thinking and action across the generations and are intended to help bring about new, unusual and future-oriented ideas for all areas of society and business.

Make use of the Kunstplatz to present your creative interests, passions, talents, products and services, to network or to kick off your collaborative ventures.